If you are having your hair styled for a special event, wash it as you normally would ( on the day of  the event or a day or two before, whatever works best for your hair type).  Ideally, use a deep cleansing or volumizing shampoo. and very little conditioner. Think "rough" rather than soft and silky. This will help the style hold up throughout the event. Naturally curly hair is the exception. In this case,  use a moisturizing shampoo and all the conditioners and anti-frizz products  necessary. Wear a robe or a zip-up top so that you don't ruin your hairstyle when you change into your wedding gown.

To ensure you have the best skin possible on the big day, refrain from any facials or using new products at least two weeks beforehand.  Have your eyebrows shaped several days ahead of time so that you don't have redness or swelling. Try to drink plenty of water the week before so your skin is moist and supple. Avoid salty foods two days before so that you aren't puffy. Salsa and chips the night before the wedding- not a good idea! On the wedding day, make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized before having makeup done, making sure to remove any remaining eyemakeup. Sunscreen should be avoided due to the grayish cast it can create in photos.